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An unsurpassed network system for your companies, SD-WAN networks

Many corporate groups constantly face challenges such as; that his system is always collapsed, he frequently struggles with those cyber attacks because of those annoying hackers because his network is not secure, he does not want to spend more money on platform services that only cause worries and true expenses. Do not think about it anymore! With SD-WAN you will obtain the great benefits that your company deserves; the sd wan solutions of real quality, with great advantages and state-of-the-art technology, as this software is constantly innovating to satisfy the users.

The products are varied and innovative, such as the Cloud Net Manager Base, which allows the integration of different networks in a single platform, or the Cloud Net Manager Provisioner, which is a module that accesses the automatic configuration of office devices, offering wide tracking options, supporting traditional scenarios and SD-WAN, which makes it a secure, reliable and guaranteed connection. Without leaving aside the Cloud Net Manager Visualize, responsible for collecting information on traffic at the application level, which will offer a complete report of user consumption, presenting a high-level view or monitoring.
For large corporate groups, is the Cloud Net Manager Controller software, which is the final layer to align business drivers, with high performance in the corporate network, facilitating the network through a graphical interface, And finally, without diminishing importance, it´s the Network Administrator Server in the cloud, being a platform of own or third-party functionality to the SD-WAN solution, to increase its power.
In the current market, different technologies and solutions are presented to their systems; however,the SD WAN solutions fit your true business needs. The technology that makes up SD-WAN is not new but it is changing, evolutionary technology, thus achieving certain characteristics that make it different from the others.
With the implementation of the CNM system, it provides multiple operating alternatives for normal networks and for those that operate with SD WAN. Thanks to the configuration that comes from the cloud, all programming is covered and the best control and monitoring is exercised in the processes that govern companies.
Through the visualization of the application, it is possible to make modifications in the established models, to promote the services and the regulations of each application. Likewise, it generates a series of detailed reports, permanently, related to the use of the network by users.

August 1, 2019